Short Love Story : Quality Of Love, Episode 4

Short Love Story : Quality Of Love, Episode 4

Episode 4

The following day, it was night Dickson, his father, and all their body guard caught a thief in the PLAZA Dickson commands the guards to tie the thief on a small chair, and KAY enter, After he was tied, Dickson said with pistil pointed on his head that;
Hello guy! Thief, why do you embark on thieving
PLAZA don’t you know that no any reward for
Thief except only hot death neither your family
Nor anybody can challenge me for your prosecution
Look here very well and don’t let me find you around again.
He slapped him and the guy was crying. With all these, KAY were there scaring, Suddenly, an old man was in the corridor begging for his child releasing but unfortunately he cannot enter while he stood around the stair case close to the door. As soon as joy’s father sees the man, he collected the pistil gun from Dickson and gave it to KAY inorder to go and scared the man.

KAY was scaring when joy father’s hand over the gun to him but He later collected it because he did not have any option.
   Furiously, he find it difficult to act but he later made up his mind and frown his face with the walking toward the old man, pointed the gun on him and he said
I never shoot anyone in my life
I never kill anyone with my hand
But I know one day I will get angry up to that stage
What is your purpose when you cannot
Train and feed your family because, I know in my mind
That nothing will trigger this young boy to be thieving
Than too much of poverty, poor living, and no health care.
 Why can’t you take care of your family?
AM using this moment to warn you and your son to stop
Thieving because if he was caught again, he will be before the planet.

The old man was very scared and he and his son left with sorrow. Joy daddy’s was very happy to how KAY acts to the old man.
Happily, he handed over a car key to KAY and a small pistle gun for compensation.

 KAY was very happy and he thinks.
Thanks you lord! I always had a dream of car
But I never know when I will have it. I tought
It is one day when I feel big after enough of my stress
While I don’t know I can have it simplely without
Any of my earns.
He appreciated joy daddy with thanks and joys daddy said
I am doing all this for you because of my daughter (JOY)
I know she is in love with you
And she’s ready to be with you here in and here after.
Don’t even thanks me am doing everything
 For the Sake of your coupleness
 Or don’t you love her? He Asked
And KAY replied yes sir, I love her.

To be continued......... 
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