Love Story : The haunted bride - Season 1 Episode 5

Love Story : The haunted bride - Season 1 Episode 5

He grabbed her writhe body and tossed her on the bed. Elvis pulled off her p@antieshurriedly. He didn’t need to ask if she was wet for him. The clean scent of her juice had already wafted into his nostrils. She was ready for him.

He guarded his rod into her narrow entrance, and she accepted him in a glide. It didn’t take long before his ride to pleasure begun.
‘A…rh…’ Tayo clawed his back as she m0aned. He drove his rod madly into her, and each penetration was better than the previous. He was driving her crazy, and this made her wonder if she could stay a week without meeting him.

It didn’t take long before Elvis exploded and spilled his seed into her. A warm s£nsat!on filled her belly as he came. A second after, her thighs began to jerk, in response to her own fulfillment.
‘You’re so good’, she ran a tongue over his ears. But Elvis remained quiet. Everything he had done was for purpose. The princess had humiliated him once, it was his turn.

With a frown on his face, he mumbled, ‘So what’s the name of that blogger’?
Tayo chuckled, ‘Why are you so interested anyway’? Her brows furrowed.

‘I am not interested. I just have a strong desire to know’.

Tayo shrugged, ‘she shares the same surname with you, one Elena or something’. Tayo clamped her legs together and decided to climb off the bed.

Elvis gritted his teeth. His youngest sibling was into blogging, and she was a very curious person. Elena almost uncovered the group he now headed, and that would’ve placed her in danger, if Sam had not willing confessed to Eno.
‘Elena’? Elvis jumped off bed. Now that his other siblings, Eno and Cassie were out of the country, he had to find a way to get Elena out of this mess. 

Now Tayo knew that Elvis had just two sisters- Cassie and Eno. But she had no idea that there was a third.
‘You know her’? Tayo noticed he looked troubled.

‘That’s not none of your business’. He scowled and covered himself with his robe.
Tayo raised a brow, surprised at his tone, ‘Are you seeing your period or what’? She scoffed.
‘Get the f--k out of here. You are the one that is a toy. I have great power over you, and I will always wield you to my desires. It was nice knowing you, princess. But as you walk out of that door, remember that you are my toy’. Elvis lazily strolled towards the door and opened it.

Tayo’s heart missed a beat, as she realized she had been played.

‘So you just f----d me for your ego’? She laughed, but the sound was strange to her ears. No man had ever addressed her like this.
‘No, I just showed you that I am your owner, and you are my toy’. Elvis smiled.

‘I am not your toy’! Tayo screamed angrily. How could he say this to her, after what they had just shared?

Elvis shrugged, ‘You wouldn’t be upset if it weren’t true’.

With the last energy she could draw in, she grabbed her bag and walked towards the door in shame.

‘You have not seen the last of me Elvis. I’ll make you pay for this humiliation and name calling’.

‘You’re so cheap. I bet you can sleep with anything in trousers.’ This was his reply, before he pushed her out of the room and shut the door after she was gone.

Elvis cringed at what he had done. He knew deep down that he’d messed up. But this wasn’t the time for reflection. He had to contact Elena before it was too late to save her.

The old man had just managed to drag himself from the floor some hours after Elena had been taken away. Mr. Benjamin’s limbs felt weak, and his wrists were bruised from the rough hands of the thugs that had kidnapped his daughter. Elena was in trouble, and he had to find a way to help her.

‘Oh no, where do I even begin’? His voice shook as he stared at the clock.

Her sisters were out of the country, there was no one he could share this terrible news with. He had to wait for the morning, so he could report the matter to the nearest police station. Although Elena was wrong in publishing news which the billionaire’s brother claimed was false, they had no right to take her like a common thief.
He was still pondering on the next line of action, when the doorbell rang. His heart was startled. Who would pay him such a visit at such an odd hour? The first thought that entered into his mind was that the ruffians had released his daughter.
‘Elena is back.’ He murmured, before rushing to answer the door.

He hadn’t been expecting anyone, so he had to be right. Elena had returned home.

Mr. Benjamin pulled back the door, and it parted gently. A wave of fresh air hit his face as he stared at the six boxes just outside the door. They were definitely expensive, and had airport tags on them. Could Cassie have returned from her trip with the King?

‘Cassandra’? He stepped outside of the house, closing the door behind gently.
He didn’t go far when a sweet smelling perfume with a familiar scent wafted into his nostrils. He bit his lip and quickly moved backwards. No, it couldn’t be her. He dreaded her return. He wasn’t ready to face her, after all she had done to him.

Just in time, Tamar Benjamin paid off the taxi that had brought her and stepped into the Benjamin compound. Her eyes sparkled as she recalled the beauty of the home she had left behind. From the pictures that had surfaced online, King Yemi had fallen in love with Cassie. This mad it safe for her return.

‘Home sweet home,’ Tamar smiled and continued to advance towards the mansion.
Something strange had hit her the first time she’d dropped her luggage. The house was abnormally quiet, and it seemed empty. Although it was past midnight, her daughters were nocturnal beings.

Cassie did most of her designs when others were asleep; while Elena did her writing in the deepest and darkest hour of the night. And she usually saw light from their room, but tonight was different. Everywhere, except the frontage of the house was swallowed up in darkness.

She knew very well that Cassie was not in the country, but her lastborn had to be home.
‘So you came back’? A croaky and weak sound permeated her thoughts and made her look up. Tamar’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets as she stared at the man she had married; her greatest regret.

Mr. Benjamin didn’t wait for her to come any closer; he got down from the veranda and advanced towards her. He was seething in anger, as he remembered all the cruel things Tamar had done to him.

‘What are you doing here?’ He fired.
Tamar could see that he was angry, but that wasn’t her concern.

‘I should be asking you that Benjamin. What are you doing in my house? Where are my children’? Tamar clutched to her bag tightly.
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