Love Story ; The Perfect Couple - Season 1 Episode 2

Love Story ; The Perfect Couple - Season 1 Episode 2

“…father Lord in heaven; please
bless this food
we ask through Christ our
“Amen,” Ruth murmured in
response to her
husband’s prayer.

They were about to have their
breakfast that
Sunday morning but there was
an obvious,
embarrassing tension in the air.
Mr. Paul easily noticed
something wrongs
in the way his wife had
responded to his prayer.
She was still unhappy about
what happened
yesterday, barely a few hours
into parking into
this new neighborhood.
She had been excited about
living in this house
and had insisted they use this
weekend to
ensure they started their new
life here.
Paul had married Ruth five
months ago and
they had since been living in a
one room
apartment where he had been
living before
they tied the holy knot.
Her Christian upbringing had
taught her that
the most important virtue of a
Godly woman
was patience and content. And
both had always
believed that in no time God
would get them a
better apartment.
Paul had always planned and
wished to make
his wife comfortable and so
had secretly been
saving for a bigger house. She
was a good
woman, one he had met a
virgin and felt she
deserved the best life could
offer. Paul believed
that Ruth was a special gift to
him from God
whom he had been very
faithful to in worship
and holiness. Ruth was not just
homely and Godly; she was
also a very beautiful
woman. And meeting her a
virgin was the
height of his excitement.

Paul, even though a strong
Christian for the 

past twelve years, had never
considered male
virginity to be of any
importance in a
relationship. He had been
sexually active in his
late teens before he repented
and had a few
flings in his baby Christian
days. But for the
past seven years he had
sacrificed his body to
Christ and kept his body holy,
keeping away
from Sexual immorality. It was
not easy
especially as a bachelor, a
handsome thirty
years old bachelor for that

S£x was wrong in the sight of
God and the bible
instructed that one should flee
from it. The
immoral act was a gateway for
demons to find
their way into one’s body; it
also causes one to
lose his spiritual identity.
So Paul had trained himself to
let go of immoral
thoughts and with the help of
the Holy Spirit,
living a perfect holy life
became very easy. Then
when he was spiritually and
ready to marry, he asked God
for a good wife
and the Lord once again was
faithful to him.

Paul worked with an insurance
firm and his
salary was not huge, but he
always had faith
that God would always see him
through difficult
times. His life style made it
easy for him to save
and this was why he was able
to afford their
new apartment.
Ruth was a HND holder and
was at the
moment looking for job. The
man of God in their
church had prophesied that
their marriage will
be blessed with money and
children. This was
three months ago and they
were still waiting on
the Lord to have his way in
their lives, Ruth was
yet to get pregnant, but the
couple were not
perturbed about this state of
affair. At the
Lord’s time he would make her

He had disvirgined her on the
eve of their
wedding, a night she would
never forget. It was
the first night she ever saw a
man standing
Unclad in front of her and also
had felt great
shame being Unclad in front of
him too. It was
not as easy as she had thought
it would be and
this had made her wonder why
all those bad
girls in her school and
neigbourhood had lived
through having S£x with
different men like it
meant nothing.
Only having her husband get a
glimpse of her
bare b---m had been tug of
war. Ruth could
say she had been a born again
Christian all her
life. Of course there were few
moments of
anger, gossip, selfishness and
sinful thoughts
but her weakness had never
gone beyond that.
She had always seen her body
as a holy vessel
for the lord and had never
given Sexual
immorality a second thought in
her life. Her
body was of Christ and she was
determined to
give it only to her husband.

She knew she was pretty. Her
slim straight
feminine body with full sized
b---m, smooth
face and cute butt0ckz had
always attracted the
male folks. But she had made
unapproachable; they dared
not walk up to her
to tell her sweet nonsense.
Didn’t they know
her body was the temple of
And so when she found her
husband staring at
her b---m, it was strange and
But she had loved the touch.
The feeling had
been heavenly. He had sent
electric waves all
over her body and her brain
had almost
shattered with pleasure. She
had loved the way
he touched her and kissed her
deeply. He had
used his tongue all over her
body and
concentrated more on her
b---m, it was a
wonderful feeling. The feel of
his hand all over
her bare buttock was simply
sweet and when
he had caressed the lips of her
virgina, cause
her female core to swell, she
had come to a
conclusion that S£x was a bit of
heaven on
earth. The wetness all over her
virgina had
contributed in making his
touch more
pleasurable. Then he
disvirgined her and
despite the initial pain, she
loved it. She loved
having S£x with her husband.

This was her private feeling,
the thought that
only her could know of. This
thought was
accompanied by fear. She was
afraid that she
was loving S£x more than God.
But her actions
or desires were justified by the
fact that S£x in
her matrimonial home was
good. This was why
she wanted to have more of
Paul every day.
Unfortunately, Paul’s Sexual life
was modest. He
really was working hard not to
make it a habit.
To him, S£x, despite how
pleasurable the act
was, was a secondary issue
when compared
with ensuring one lived a holy
life. Besides, at
times of fasting and praying,
which were part of
his everyday life, one needed
not think about
S£x, even with the wife.
He was right as far as she was
concerned and
so she always prayed to the
lord to help her
suppress her desire and love
for S£x. She was
doing well so far. Yes,
sometimes the desire
could be so strong but she
would just pick up
her bible and study the word
of God and only
enjoyed the act when her
husband wanted to.

She had never had any other
kind of Sekual
experience apart from what
she had had with
her husband; just the normal
caressing, kissing,
ensuring she got wet while he
J0yst!ck charges
and then a normal pleasurable
missionary style.
She didn’t think she was
missing anything,
even though she was not sure.
Okay, perhaps she always
wished he could last
longer, but she came to believe
that that was
how S£x was experienced even
with all men.
But she was very surprised to
find her husband
staring at the Unclad girl
yesterday evening. In
fact, she had been
disappointed in him. He
wasn’t supposed to stare, he
was supposed to
flee; take his eyes of the Unclad
devil. What
kind of human was she
anyway? Ruth has seen
her when she came visiting the
male bachelor
who had nothing to do but to
stare at them all

Why was her husband staring?
What he did was
as good at committing Sexual
immorality in the
eyes of God. She didn’t know
how to handle the
situation. It was embarrassing
as well as hurtful.
How could her husband be
staring at the
unclothedness of another
woman. She had
thought about this all through
the night and it
had weighed her emotions
down this morning.

He had quickly continued with
what he was
doing once she had come in
and caught him
staring at the unclad lady. He
had seemed so
carried away and that was why
she had looked
towards his
direction of interest.
Now she couldn’t even look
him in the face.

How could a child of God be
lost in the lust of
another woman?
She felt pained, yet she knew,
as a Christian,
that she should forgive him
and give him the
opportunity to repent from his

The tension throughout
breakfast was awkward.

This wasn’t the way the almost
perfect couple
wanted to spend their first
night and morning
in their new home.

Paul, on the other hand, knew
that what he did
was wrong and he had spent a
better part of
the night asking the Lord for
forgiveness. Yet
the image of the Unclad girl
couldn’t just get
out of his mind. The weight of
guilt made him
really depressed.

She was simply hot, like
something from out of
this world. Did he think she
had a better body
than his wife? No! He shouldn’t
be thinking this
way. He should ask the Lord for
help; he must
take her off his mind at all cost.
The firm b0s0ms were worth
watching; there
was a way she had walked
across the balcony that
had made him imagine what
she was like in
bed. Wow! It’s been long he
saw a different
kind of butt0ckz apart from his
wife’s. He was
already used to seeing Ruth’s
beautiful butt0ckz.

Had she lost the attraction it
had when she was a
virgin? He had thought she
would always remain
as new
as he had met her. Why did he
even think that
that LovePeddler’s body was
fresher than
Ruth’s? Why did he even stare
at it? He
couldn’t just tell what it was he
saw in that
shameless girl that tingled
something in him.

She had a different style in the
way she walked
and held her shoulders. Ruth
didn’t have style.
Ruth was just Ruth and
nothing more.
Their love making was just
modest. Both were
ashamed to dwell on the
pleasure in it for too
long. Ruth hardly m0ans out
loud because she
probably thought it was sinful.
He also thought
it should be so. What is
pleasurable in this world
anyway? What shall it profit a
man to gain the
whole world and lose his own
soul? He loved his
wife and that was all that
mattered and he was
going to use that whole day in
church to ask
the Lord forgiveness.

To be countinue................
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