Love Story : The haunted bride - Season 1 Episode 3

The haunted bride - Season 1 Episode 3

Don’t you think the money is too much? She is a student like you said. Let us make it a million, her family would help her pay and she would learn a big lesson from there’. Aniekan suggested.

Ada couldn’t believe her ears.

‘Please don’t tell me you’re growing soft. What happened to the ambitious man in you? This is your opportunity to make more money. This money could go into the new game you’re designing. I don’t care how she would raise this cash, but she is paying. The King should help her.’

Aniekan remained silent; he decided not to argue with her. There was just one problem with this; he was an acquainted with the royal family, and he didn’t want to be involved in any fracas with them.

But Ada was his lawyer; she knew what was best for him and his Game technology company. He watched her from the corner of his eyes as she wrote down the terms of payment. Aniekan noticed something strange on Ada’s left hand; it was a silvery bracelet. Tears rose to his eyes as he remembered the woman he once loved. Imaobong.

‘Are you alright’? Ada had wanted to ask him a question, but the despair she found in his eyes, discouraged her.
Aniekan held back the tears and nodded, ‘I’m fine’. Though it had been three years since she died, the wounds from her untimely departure were still fresh. And it made him afraid, that he may never find love again.

‘I’ll need your signature on this, before typing it’. Ada moved swiftly towards him and offered him a pen, which he collected. It didn’t take long before he penned down his signature.

Ada’s heart raced as she stared at Aniekan’s signature. Once Elena paid the money, her plans would begin. It wouldn’t take long before the Game village and applications that Aniekan had created would become hers. 

‘I will get some sleep now, I feel tired.’ Aniekan stifled a yawn. He had spent hours before the laptop, designing and creating. The stress was getting to him, and he needed to rest.
Ada agreed, she knew how hard Aniekan worked. He deserved some rest.
He was about rising to his feet, when the high gate opened, allowing in a black highlander with three hefty men; of which he only recognized one.
‘Ese’? Aniekan rose up and advanced towards the vehicle. The men that accompanied his brother were obviously thugs. This troubled Aniekan greatly. What if Ese had done something stupid? What if he had killed the blogger?
Ese was taller than his elder brother. He was light skinned, with dark eyes which were very unfriendly. All his life, he had lived beneath the glory of his elder brother. He had walked in Aniekan’s shadow, and it was starting to get to him.

‘Relax bro, I didn’t hurt anyone’. Ese threw his gloved hands upwards.

‘Then why are you wearing gloves? You only cover your finger prints if you’ve hurt someone’. Aniekan was displeased. But Ese ignored him. He had plans to overthrow his brother, and take up all of the Game Village. He was only buying Aniekan’s trust for the mean time.

Ese shrugged, ‘You’re the only brother that I have. I could kill anyone that tries to harm you in any way. But I didn’t. I brought the fool home, so she could be taught a proper lesson in journalism’. After he had said this, he snapped his fingers.

It didn’t take long, before the other men ran towards the back of the vehicle. They bundled Elena out of the car, and led her towards Aniekan.
‘I present to you! A gift’, Ese sniggered, and his men joined him. Aniekan’s features remained taut; he didn’t find the situation funny. He ignored his brother’s wicked laughter and moved towards the blogger whose face had been covered by a black bag.

Elena had cried all through her journey. Her tears stemmed mostly from fear. Fear of the unknown. She didn’t know the people she had offended, and she had no idea where they were taking her.

The laughter of Ese and his men irritated her. There was another man present, and though she couldn’t see his face, his voice had a soothing effect on her nerves. He didn’t sound evil like Ese. He sounded controlled and responsible. As he drew nearer to her, she could feel it. He wore a very powerful and expensive masculine scent.
‘Wait’! Ada dropped the papers she held and rushed to join the men. She couldn’t wait to see the face of the fool who would make her very rich.

Aniekan paused in his steps, ‘What’? He wondered why the lawyer had stopped him.
‘Let me do the honors’, Ada exchanged a knowing look with Ese, before pulling off the black bag that cloaked Elena’s face from their view. They all remained quiet once her face was revealed.

The laughter died. Everyone stared at her in awe…was it awe or fear? Elena licked her lips and scanned the faces of the people around her. Something wasn’t right here. The only people who didn’t share this facial expression were Ese and his thugs. They had already seen her face.

Ada’s hands trembled as she looked into Elena’s eyes, but she forced it steady. She had to control herself. There was something evil about this girl, a mystery surrounded her.
Elena’s eyes locked with the dark man who shared a resemblance with Ese. That was the billionaire! Aniekan Umo. Her heart skipped a million times as she looked into his handsome face. He was finer in person, than in magazines.
Slowly, the excitement of seeing the billionaire faded, as she remembered the article she’d written about him. He had ordered those thugs to kidnap her. Elena’s heart sank as she remembered her old father at home. Nobody knew where she was, and anything could happen to her right here.

‘Why are you all staring at her like she fell from the sky’? Ese scowled. He didn’t see anything special about this blogger. He had only brought her to please his brother, but from the look on Aniekan’s face, he wasn’t pleased.
Aniekan’s frown deepened as he scanned her delicate features. She was young. Ada had been right about her age. She had short dark hair which matched her round face. It was her slender form and her clear eyes that attracted him. She looked innocent; untainted and untouched. She reminded him of doves.

It took Aniekan great strength to resist the beauty of her eyes. He quickly reminded him that she had almost ruined his life. This wasn’t the time to admire her. She was devilish and mischievous, and she would pay for everything she had done.

‘Thank you for bringing her here’, Aniekan appreciated his brother.

‘You’re welcome, I could lay down my life for you bro’. Ese advanced towards Aniekan and patted him on the arm. ‘You know I mean that right’?

‘Sure I do’. Aniekan nodded. He knew his brother loved him very much; he only wished Ese could work hard and chase his dreams.Ada didn’t like Elena. There was something strange and scary about her, though her pretty face covered it. She was determined to milk her dry.

Who knows, maybe Elena was trying to scare her off with some diabolical means
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