Love Story : The haunted bride - Season 1 Episode 4

The haunted bride - Season 1 Episode 4

da scoffed, there was nothing like magic.
‘Welcome to the white house, Elena Benjamin. It is time for you to pay your debt.’ Ada announced in a cheerful voice.

Elena was still in a kneeling position. She didn’t know wether to respond or rise.

‘I don’t know who supplied you with that defaming information about my client, Aniekan Umo. But whoever told you that he stole Kate Haley’s ideas wanted to put you in trouble’. Ada began.

Elena remained calm, she was a hundred percent sure that Aniekan was guilty. How could two video games share so much similarity but with the same names?
‘I did what I thought was best. It appears your client is not an honest man’. Elena gingered up. Even though she was in captivity, she had a sharp tongue and she loved to speak the truth.
One of Ese’s men moved to hit her for speaking, but Aniekan stopped him.
‘Let her run her mouth, she doesn’t know what she has gotten herself and her family into’. He crossed his arms over his chest and watched her face interestingly.
Elena’s heart raced at the mention of, “family,” what had her family got to do with this?
‘Look, I am sorry for exposing you like that. But if you want to do anything, keep my family out of it. They didn’t write that article. I did’. She pressed a shaky hand against her chest.
She imagined these thugs returning to the house to harm her father. What if they found a way to hurt her sisters and the men they were in love with? Though Cassie and Eno were on vacation, Aniekan could still reach them. He was powerful and wealthy. 

Elena closed her eyes and cursed within her. She had walked into the devil’s trap without realizing it. She should never have published that article without protecting herself.
‘You’ll have to excuse me Ms. Benjamin. I have something interesting, that I’d like for you to read’. Ada waved at everyone, before returning to the veranda where her briefcase was.

Elena’s lips quivered. Her eyes were bright with tears. She hadn’t planned for things to go this way.

‘Look, I am sorry. I should never have written that article. But once you release me, I’ll delete everything’. She begged.

Aniekan was amazed by her naivety.
‘So you think wiping your stupid blog would solve the problem? Your post went viral. I almost lost the trust of my business partners and friends. Those who believed in me almost doubted me. I am sorry Elena, but there is nothing you can do to fix this’.

Just in time, Ada returned with a green bulletin, which she handed over to Elena.
‘Read that carefully. I am sure you will understand’.

At first Elena was hesitant, but she realized Ada hadn’t asked her. It was a command.
With shaky hands, she flipped open the first page. It had the words, “Memorandum of Understanding between Game Village and Amor”. Elena felt a chill run down her spine as she realized that Aniekan was innocent of what she had accused him of.

His Game tech company, Game Village had been designing game applications for Amor, which belonged to Kate Haley. One of the terms of agreement, was that Game village could use some of the game ideas to design a new app after three years. Amor utilized the games designed by Game village for just a year and a half. And when all the profit was made, they relinquished all rights to the games.

Elena hadn’t known about this agreement. The similarities between Lord Slayers and Luciferon now made sense. Apparently, Aniekan had designed Lord Slayers for Kate Haley; and when the three years had passed, he converted it to his own game; Luciferon.

Tears gushed out from her eyes. She found it difficult to breathe as a hard lump blocked her nostrils and her throat. Elena was schooled in journalism. She knew the consequence of Libel.
‘I see, you understand the pains you have caused my client. You will pay fifty million for the damages. But if you insist we go to the court, I shall make it hundred.’

Elena thought she hadn’t heard the lady right.
‘What’? Her lips shook in fear.
‘Fifty million or you spend some time in prison. You are pretty girl. I am sure some guards and inmates would find you very pleasing at night’. Ada added. This was followed by a macabre laughter that flowed from her lips.

Unknown to them, a figure watched the whole scene from the fifteenth window in the pearly bungalow.

Elvis was entrapped in the softness of her welcoming arms. Never in his life, had he felt such pleasure from a woman’s laps. The princess was a wilding in bed. She knew how to turn a man on; and how to make him surrender. Her soft lips met with his’ as his hands roamed her supple body.

Tayo and Elvis knew they were attracted to each other, right from their first meeting. The Princess couldn’t get Elvis out of her mind, after then. Her nights were filled with sex dreams and wild imaginations of her and Elvis being together. There was something special about the thug, as she hadn’t been attracted to a man in such a fiery intensity for a very long time.

Elvis was more attracted to her personality than her body. Princess Tayo was ambitious. She was his female version, and he found that intriguing. The first time he set his eyes on her, he didn’t see a princess. He saw a fearless woman, who could walk into a den of lions and wriggle her way out. Even her brother, the King, knew this.

Though she had outsmarted them and taken a good portion of the vermillion for the Royal house; a move that would have unleashed Elvis’ anger upon them, but she came up with another idea. She knew how to trade. And she was smart.

Tayo shivered as his tongue encircled her ear. She relished his gentle touches and the way he made love. Elvis knew the right places to touch. His hands were magic, and they were suited for her body.

‘You are so beautiful…you’re always beautiful’, he mumbled as his other hand cupped her creamy b-----s. He gave her m----s a light sq££ze, before his hands proceeded to the valley of her belly which he considered very sexy. Tayo had an athletic build. Apart from the time she spent on archaeological sites, she also worked out.

Her skin was toned and smooth. And he had a thing for dark skinned women.
‘Please stop with the torture, I need to feel your strength inside of me’. Tayo bit her lip and begged for more. Elvis always subdued her in bed. She liked being dominated by him.
He laughed and pulled his hands away from her, ‘Really? I want you to beg’. He dropped a kiss on her forehead. It wasn’t a lustful kiss. It was short and innocent. And it made her feel special.
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